22-year-old singer-songwriter XamVolo is a wunderkind-in-waiting, one bursting at the seams to show off his many, many talents. Having grown up in London, he later moved to Liverpool to study Architecture, but the musical side of XamVolo’s life quickly picked up steam and ultimately surpassed his studies — a fact that we should all be grateful for. In fact, it was in Liverpool that he saw his creativity bloom, driven by what he calls a “need to be innovative”, he formed a sound which is unique hybrid centred around Soul and Jazz.

XamVolo often talks about his desire to create a vibrant and authentic scene. Though he hasn’t collaborated with many artists yet, he’s by no means against the idea. It has to be the right fit, though. As you’ll soon find out, his debut EP Chirality tackles this very subject. “I’ve been asked who I want to collaborate with many times before, and I don’t really see many people who I’d want to because I don’t really see too many people doing the kind of music I’m into. The thing about movements is you have to let them happen themselves — you can’t force it or else it would be inauthentic. I feel something’s imminent, though, and I intend to catalyse it in my own little way”.