TVAM has shared brand new track ‘Total Immersion’, to be released 25th November via his own new founded Psychic Data label.

Following previous singles ‘Porsche Majeure’ and ‘Gas & Air’, the latter of which was Laverne’s ‘Track of the Week’ on 6Music, TVAM’s latest offering is a kraut-inspired exploration into the sacrament of Baptism.

TVAM is one man, Joe Oxley, who takes in a lifetime of repeats, reruns and reboots to craft his own low-budget, high-risk concept. A World in which broadcast becomes performance.

‘Total Immersion’ is the latest in a string of journeying, hypnotic tracks that straddle an impressive spectrum of influence; with Boards of Canada’s irresistible nostalgia, Suicide’s deconstructed rock’n’roll and MBV’s infinite noise all becoming touching points in Oxley’s musical output.

Live, it’s something of a spectacle. Using home cinema formats we’d all ditched by the turn of the century and a stand we haven’t seen since the classroom, Oxley shines a harsh light on our misplaced nostalgia. Weaving found footage with stark sloganeering and a taste for garish hues; TVAM comes off like Adam Curtis taping his favourite Nicktoons.