Phil Saxe is a multi-faceted individual with academic, hands-on, and corporate experience. He has a history of being at the forefront of new cultural movements spanning the worlds of music, education, fashion, media and fast-moving consumer goods. From discovering and managing Happy Mondays to A&R-ing New Order’s no.1 World Cup single, “World in motion”; from being one of the founding fathers of Northern Soul, by virtue of his DJing at Manchester’s legendary Twisted Wheel Club in the late 60’s, to being first to recognise the fashions and music that constituted Madchester; from researching the processes behind successful branding, investigating the barriers to marketing the arts to studies into the perseverance of youth sub-cultures; from preparing business plans for fledgling airlines to managing successful product ranges of music, toys, frozen foods and groceries; from being instrumental in launching the careers of highly successful international recording artists (Coldplay, Muse, Oasis, Placebo, Elbow, Stereophonics etc.) through his work as In The City’s A&R Director, and participating in the major music industry debates of recent years, he has always been able to spot “the next big thing” whilst simultaneously  being able to enthuse colleagues, students, music lovers, and customers. 


Phil was Head of A&R for the legendary Factory Records and was A&R Director for the UK’s, much missed, Manchester-based music industry convention, In The City. He is also Senior Lecturer of Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performance Arts (LIPA). He discovered and managed Happy Mondays and Northside, stalwarts of the UK’s baggy scene of the early 90’s and remains a music-lover, although his current tastes revolve around down home R&B which was the driving force behind his No Way Out club in Manchester (2007-2013).